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Some Say “The End Is Near”!

It’s another early summer evening in Los Angeles – not late, and dawn is setting in. Everybody’s having a great time drinking, playing cards eating carne asada, then Rocky – Jeremy (my 15 year old)’s uncle comes outside in a bit of a panicked rush, which is completely odd to me because Rocky’s an individual who doesn’t really move too swiftly.

During his frenzy, he’s screaming that he’d been watching the news and the annual Lyrids meteor shower had, for some reason, become dangerously disturbed and had somehow been “moved” in the direction of our planet’. My first playful reaction to his claim was an explosion of “all right, a great excuse to go to the cave!” “The Cave” was a place up in Angeles National Forest where we used to go chill whenever we ditched school or where all the local Rockers met up after a concert.

Of course to the general populace Rocky’s notice was insignificant which only a small group of the party kept interest in, but for some reason, me knowing that Rocky wasn’t really that type of mischievous person, I somewhat had a certain peculiarity of the whole thing and was rather concerned of his candor.

Rocky’s correspondence, in a panicked, almost agitated – yet believable report of what the news person was saying, began describing how “something had moved or disturbed” the Lyrids shower and “aimed” it towards earth. There had been several reports around the world of small, jolting earthquakes that were strong enough to knock a third-world’s housing slum to complete rubble. Seismologists had no clue as to what was causing these jolts and tremors aside from speculation of the meteors touching down to terra firma. However, they knew that these small jolts were actually increasing globally, which means, they haven’t hit the western world just yet, but will within a matter of minutes.

As Rocky continues to spew his doomsday fables, which continued to capture my attention and left the others disinterested and almost spiteful that he disturbed the flow of the party, I noticed under the blaring sweetness of our summertime music, (the BBQ muzak was War – “Don’t Let No One Get You Down”) there was a sudden crescendo of car alarms and barking dogs rushing closer like some sort of rogue sonic wave.

As the cacophony began to get closer and louder, someone shouted “LOOK” – and pointed to the darkening city-lit sky pointing out an incredible anomaly. What we saw, were two meteors, one slightly ahead of the other, about 5,000 feet high. That’s about a mile up in the sky; roughly the height of five of LA’s skyscrapers stacked on top of one another. These fireballs, were heading in the direction of Lancaster/Palmdale – the high desert, which is directly north of the city of Los Angeles. The meteors left in their path huge black smoke trails in the sky that resembled a set of smoke-made railroad tracks in thick, full plume which sounded like a thousand Niagara Falls preparing for its brutal blitzkrieg.

Seconds after the fireballs disappeared from our city’s northern horizon, we all felt an incredible jolt and heard a very bass-heavy rumble as a result of the touchdown created by these meteors. Based on the impact and my depth perception, I can only imagine the type of damage created by these twins of doom. I could tell these things were huge and the impact area must have been absolutely annihilated.

Seconds into the boom there was a citywide power failure, which introduced shouts and screams heard by the party and a wandering neighborhood. As the lights flickered, I can hear the din of the continuing barking dogs, alarms, sirens and the cries from a confused city. I then ran inside to see if there were any types of development on the news regarding this freak storm. I turn on the TV and there was footage of many US Army helicopters showering the ocean surface with their incredibly bright spotlights, turning the evening’s redness into a bright-as-day ocean top. And what the world saw on the news that night reminded me of what I read in the Apocalypse of John, or its more commonly known title:

The Book of Revelation, chapter 13, verse 1.

“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.”

I didn’t know how to feel. I mean, yes, we did just have this weird disaster happening – but the shit they’re showing us on television, in my minds rationale, just has to be the works of some sick, entertainment mastermind in the likes of a modern-day Orson Welles performing a 70 year old prank on a bunch of still-gullible, mentally-undeveloped race.

But why on such a disastrous and urgent time, would the news be broadcasting an incredibly crafted “Hollywood” news clip of a CGI’d spaceship of some sort, rising from the waters of Santa Monica’s West Coast Ocean?

Was it one of today’s, eccentric movie directors trying to stir up the general public’s attention by announcing his big new movie in one of the best television commercials ever created? Why was he showing a total disregard for the disasters occurring around the world at this exact moment? I imagine he must have spent millions – nay – billions on the incredible design of this beautifully created monstrosity. I’m just so blown away at how real this thing looks! Shitty timing of money well spent!

No. I was wrong. This thing is real. Something is happening. Something monumental is happening in modern history that is going to affect us for the rest of our known civilization.

I’m now officially bothered. I storm my way to the backyard…

“OK, everybody listen up! We don’t have time to worry about life as we know it, something big is happening right now and I don’t know how long or how bad this meteor shower is going to get, these things can last hours. Go home, only collect survival supplies you have and we all should meet back up in “the cave” like the old days only this time, it’s a bit more serious than just one of our ditching parties.”

As I decide to search my home for all the provisions needed for my time in the forest, I realize I left my “Disaster Kit” in my 24-hour storage room which is only just 2 blocks away. Everything I needed was in that kit so, I just dropped everything and decided to run over a few blocks to go and grab it.

I’m walking down the street and I notice the people in front of me are looking straight upward. I look up, and I see a white craft maybe a thousand feet directly above me. It’s a wedge shaped craft with the back end being the widest and the nose ending in the point; however, there were no sharp edges whatsoever. It produced a soft white glow emitting a light reminiscent to a fluorescent light bulb. It was bright, yet extremely soft. The crafts ‘glow’ or ‘halo’ was almost a plasma field if I had to really explain it.

The plasma field was violet-blue in hue. It had the bluish appearance of one of those Cobalt Blue glass bottles that I really love. There was a triangular flow of lights below the craft, which appeared to be very water-like in appearance. The light flow of the crafts undercarriage had a strange, lifelike pulse about it. It almost seemed to me as if the craft itself was organic, and the lights I was seeing were its arteries, pumping life into its very existence. The same way the human heart pumps blood through its own vehicle, the lights of the craft felt to me as if it were the very arteries that gave the craft its very life.

I understand this may sound silly and far-fetched, but I felt the craft was a living organism itself being controlled by an intelligent being either elsewhere or on board. I felt an eerily foreign connection with this craft; an almost collective unconscious, if that makes sense.

I felt a vibration in the very depth of my chest. My adrenaline immediately kicked in. I snapped out of it and I ran as fast as I could to find a hiding place where the craft lost line of sight of me. The more out of sight I was, the weaker the vibration/pull became. I continued to run frantically in the streets of the neighborhood successfully avoiding the suction of the crafts intent!

While waiting in an abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of downtown LA, I watched the craft swiftly swim away to the north, only to think that perhaps I was merely a part of this creature’s menu from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. OK, what the fuck is really going on?

I then build the courage to walk outside and continue my mission, when an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen since high school, confronts me and begins to explain how these “aerial ‘plasma ships’ have been swimming through the city, paralyzing people and laying their eggs in the part where the soul belongs and taking their souls away through a beam of light.” OK once again, what the fuck is really going on? Gees, when I knew this guy, he was a friggin’ genius; now he’s gone ape-shit crazy!

This guy is equipped with a 9mm – he proceeds to hand me an alloy-blue gun and tells me there aren’t many rounds left and to be resourceful. I’m thinking, ‘why the hell do we need guns?’ as he points out an odd looking individual who was wandering aimlessly through the streets. His movements were equal to a young child barely discovering the ability of his legs and their natural purpose. His face resembled a dazed boxer, not knowing where he was and didn’t really care for coming to his senses.

As he gets closer to us, I’m awestruck and fixed in my spot in absolute disbelief when I hear a calm voice tell me “you know what Zombies are right? Well, you should know how to kill ’em too.” As the Zombie gets closer, I’m still in shock as to what I’m witnessing. His face – his eyes have a blackness around them as if they were terribly bruised when his soul was yanked from his body. His eyes looked as if they had been bleached white. I can see the iris, the pupil, the cornea – everything was there and with incredible detail, however, they just looked as if they were dipped in bleach and all the color or life had been removed.


The side of his head now had a gorge the size of a large grapefruit!

The Zombie didn’t know nor did it seem to care what had just happened to it, so it proceeded to calmly walk its way towards me. I then aimed my 9 mil and fired a shot straight between its eyes. “Click!” Nothing happened. My heart starts pounding harder and faster as I pull the trigger one more time… “Click!” Still nothing!


The lifeless body lay headless on the bloodied street of a new downtown Los Angeles.

Angrily I asked Mike, ‘why the fuck isn’t my gun loaded?’ and I then recalled from watching “Bowling for Columbine” that we can go and pick up some ammo for my piece at the Wal-Mart which was just around the corner.

As we’re on our way to Wal-Mart, we have another encounter with another Zombie, only this time the Zombie we encountered just went through its incubation period. The Zombie was on the ground going through spasms when all of a sudden there was a loud POP!!! A huge basketball-sized membrane spilled out of the left side of what was once its head.

As I get closer to inspect the pod I realize that it’s some sort of cocoon for what appears to be a reptilian creature. However, this creature, which is metamorphosing right before my eyes, is beginning to glow a florescent day-glow green. I can begin to see its elaborate scales and I can tell from the roughness that it’s going to be very dragon-like in appearance. But as I look closer at its head, I can see a very familiar face. Holy shit! It’s Slimer from Ghostbusters! Hahahaha! What the fuck is really going on here?

We finally make it inside Wal-Mart and all the shoppers and store employees are in complete disarray and appear to have no clue as to what’s going on in the world outside. I proceed to the Hunting department to acquire a ‘real’ means to terminate these soulless vessels. I hear a commotion going on and I then see the Zombies are multiplying in vast numbers. These Zombies have a peculiar way about them. We all know that Zombies love brains and need to consume them to exist; however, these Zombies were designed to grab hold of the living humans and essentially, kiss them to their doom.

I observed closely, as the Zombies would grab someone in its death grip which in turn there was no way for you to escape, for their grasp was that of a supernatural power. They would then proceed to open their mouths wide as if to intentionally dislocate it’s jawbone well enough to fit over the mouth and nose of its newly, screaming host. It then appears to either blow, or hum a low-pitched drone into the body of the host causing it to vibrate and convulse erratically, which then causes the hosts eyes to bulge out unwillingly and violently. This process is what drains the color from the eyes and leaves the poor soul to burn out.

This process is how the Zombies impregnate the humans with their parasite, which leaves the human for dead as a Zombie during its incubation period which in turn, returns the favor. After incubation, the Zombie drops lifeless, as the primary parasite matures from its chrysalis, I’m going to assume that it then begins to wreak havoc on the human species. I watch in disbelief as these numbers seem to grow and grow. I’m gonna need more guns; I’m gonna need bigger guns.

One of the most disturbing things about these fuckers is they’re not the “typical” slow-paced Zombie we’re so used to in the movies. When they actually come to their senses, (or when they’re fully booted up) they have an incredibly deadly accuracy about them. If you’re not aware of your surrounding, consider yourself dead. We have to study their movements in order to defeat them, however, they don’t appear to be easily defeated; they’re multiplying by the hundreds it appears. We have to move fast.

I wish I could tell you what happens next; but I woke up!